Garadia Mahadev

At an altitude of around 500 feet from mean sea level, lies a gorge through which runs the river Chambal. Gigantic cliffs lie on either sides of the gorge. The winds blowing seem to be chanting the Shiv stotras in your ears to arouse the feeling of devotion in you. Garadia Mahadev Temple lies on one of the cliffsThe place is picture perfect like a painting made by God himself. You can actually realize the bliss of solitude by sitting here for some time. The place has served many as a spot for picnic. The largest tributary of Yamuna, river Chambal is known for being the abode of many water species. Sitting on cliff you may catch a glimpse of the crocodiles, turtles etc.

Abheda Mahal

Satisfactory location to visit. The mahal (palace) stands about 8 km from Kota city, prior the Chambal river, with the road meandering between fields and brush.

Abheda Mahal, in keeping with the (best in Hindi) signal outside, is known as “after abheda, a corruption of the word abhyaaranya” (park). Prior to the founding of the Kota dynasty, this field was a jungle; in 1346 advert, however, the Maharaja Dheer Deh had it cleared and obtained a synthetic water tank created.


You have to walk down at least 200 steps to to reach the main place which was covered all over with rocks. Waterfalls and one cute small pond makes this place so beautiful and so very cool. You feel calm,happy and bit adventurous to roam around this place.