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Rules Regarding Rider:-

  • Rider Must follow all the motor vehicles rules and laws.
  • Driver / rider must have valid Driving license
  • Rider must follow all the safety precautions including
  • Must wear a helmet that's compulsory for all rides (helmets are provided by the company)
  • Riding with more then one pillion is Strictly Prohibited (fine may be imposed if Caught)
  • Riding while using Cell phones, ipods, And any other electronic device is prohibiedted.
  • Riding in influence of any type of drug / alcohol is Stri ctly probited.
  • Rider / Driver Shall follow all the traffic rules and regulations imposed by the government of India. If in case the rider break any law the Rider himself has to pay all the fines.
  • Driver / Rider must follow the speed limitations as per the company Rules. (i.e.) F (a) speed limitations within the city 70kmph (b) Speed limitations on the outskirts 90kmph
  • If in any case the rider / driver crosses the speed limits that the company is not liable to protect the riderIdriver from any kind of loss or damage. And a fine has to be paid if caught over speeding.
  • Age Limit:- Rider must not be below 18 years of age.
  • If in case of any accident the rider must Contact the joy riders without any Delay And also the local police a uthorities. The rider has to give a proper written explanation about the Incident.
  • The use of rented vehicle is strictly prohibited for events such as Racing, Stunts and any type of Criminal illegal activities. If rider found doing so, the company can impose fine and can take a legal action too on the rider.
  • In case the vehicle rented is going outside the city , the rider must clealr specify it during the booking formalities. 'If the rider fails to do so, extra carges will be imposed in the genral rent.

Rules Regarding JOY RIDERS :-

  • The vehichle Shall be returned to the pick up Point as pe the time and date mentioned in the booking form by the rider
  • If in case of any damage to the vehicle the company ca n charge cost of reparing the bike from the Fider for the parts that are not cover ed under insurance.
  • Joy riders shall only claim the insurance if the amant exceeds 20,000/- else the rider is liable to pay the dam ge caused to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle must be only used in the areas that are cove red under the renting parameters that are selected by the rider during the booking of the vehicle.
  • The rider / driver must verify the condition of the vehicle before taking it on the run. Later queries like Puncture tire, not working electrical headlamps, indicators etc will not be accepted. Later on company will not be liable to pay any incurred to fix the same.
  • Rider has to pick up the vehicle from the pick up center listed while booking.
  • If mater cycle is Stolen during the renting period the rider must immediately contact the Company office and the local police authorities.
  • Joy riders is free of any legal charges if the rider / driver involves the vehlicle in any type of illegal activites thus the company is not at all liable for it, the charges must be imposed on the rider.
  • During the renNng period Any mechanical problem in the vehicle should first be reported to the joy riders No other action must be taken by the rider.

Documents to be submitted :-

  • Valid driving license For motor vehicle With or without gear
  • Original adhaar card

If You are a student:-

  • Orignal college / Caching id
  • 0rignal Adhaar Card
  • Valid Driving Licence

Terms and conditions are made for customer benefits & it's as important as a helmet for a ride .....